MTR to diagnose Network Issues

MTR is a network diagnostic tool that combines traceroute and ping utilities. It enables system administrators to diagnose and isolate networking issues. To run an MTR you will need to install MTR to your local computer and on the server. When we request a MTR we usually request the following.

1.) Run a MTR from your ip address to the server.
2.) Run a MTR from the server to your ip address.

Installing MTR

To install MTR on a Windows PC go  HERE  and download the application.

To install MTR on your Linux server run the following commands in SSH:

CentOS | Fedora

#yum update

#yum install mtr

Debian | Ubuntu

#apt-get update

#apt-get upgrade

#apt-get install mtr-tiny

 USING MTR AND GENERATING REPORT ** Let MTR run at least 1 minute**

To run MTR on a Windows PC open up the application and enter in the IP address.

To run MTR on your Linux server run the following command in SSH:

 #mtr ipaddress

If you're not sure what your ip address is, go to and it will output your ip.

Please include this with Network Tickets

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